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Amazon Integration

Update product stock in Magento based on FBA quantity

Starting from this version, you can set M2E Pro to automatically update product stock in your Magento Inventory Source based on the quantity of the corresponding Amazon FBA product.

For that, navigate to your Account configurations (Amazon Integration > Configuration > Accounts) and enable the corresponding option in the FBA Inventory tab.

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Once the QTY value of an FBA product is reported by Amazon, it gets imported into the predefined Inventory Source. Select the needed inventory source or create a new one by clicking Manage Sources if you don't want the FBA product stock information to have any effect on your Magento inventory.

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Technical changelog

  • Amazon: [Added] Ability to update product stock in Magento based on FBA quantity [#4727]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Multiple attempts to resend shipping information of Shipped orders to the Channel [#5183]