Help Center

M2E Pro Help Center section gives you immediate access to the most relevant information regarding your instance and synchronization processes.

Health Status

The Health Status tool has been developed to diagnose your system performance. The tool automatically runs at predefined intervals and monitors certain processes within your M2E Pro.

For example, it checks whether the GMT time of your server corresponds to the GMT time set in your Module or if order synchronization runs properly, etc. The tool identifies possible system failures and notifies you about them. This way, you can prevent and resolve the issues timely and efficiently.


The Dashboard page allows you to view technical info on your M2E Pro instance, such as system requirements, current M2E Pro version, Cron details, as well as check and test the configuration values of your server.

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Notification Settings

Set up notifications to keep track of the important events in your M2E Pro:

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Specify how M2E Pro should notify you about the Health Status of your M2E Pro:

  • Do Not Notify - no notification required.
  • On each Extension Page (default) - a notification block will be displayed on each M2E Pro page.
  • On each Magento Page - a notification block will be shown on each Magento page.
  • As Magento System Notification - adds a notification using Magento global message system.
  • Send me an Email - notifications will be sent to a provided email.

Select a minimal notifications level:

  • Critical/Error (default) - notifications will appear only for critical issues and errors;
  • Warning - notifications will appear once the error or warning occurs;
  • Notice - notifications will appear in case an error, warning, or notice occur.

Synchronization Logs

On this page, you can keep track of issues occurring during Listings, Unmanaged Listings, Order, or Marketplaces synchronization.

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Use filters on top of the grid to find errors regarding a particular integration or synchronization process.

M2E Support

On this page, you can contact M2E Support team in case you have questions and cannot find a solution within the available resources.

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