What's M2E Pro?

M2E Pro is an Adobe Commerce (Magento) trusted extension that helps you upload your Magento inventory to multiple marketplaces. There are now three available Channels for integration: eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

M2E Pro makes multichannel sales much easier and faster. You can start selling on several marketplaces in three simple steps:

  1. Install M2E Pro.
  1. Add your Channel accounts to the extension.
  1. Set up conditions for product selling and data synchronization.

That's it! M2E Pro takes care of the rest.

M2E Pro key features

M2E Pro Listings. A custom list of Magento products, which you can group by any characteristic.

Policies. The extension provides a template-based approach for configurations. You can customize multiple settings templates (policies) and use them with different product groups in M2E Pro.

Unmanaged Listings. Import existing Channel inventory into M2E Pro and link items to the corresponding products in your Magento Catalog. You’ll be able to manage them as the Unmanaged Listings in M2E Pro.

Order management. M2E Pro imports Orders from your Channel Account so you can manage all orders from different marketplaces in one place.

How will M2E Pro benefit your business?

Automate your business and prevent overselling

Having configured the Extension properly, you will automate your business. M2E Pro synchronizes all Product changes from Channels and Magento in real-time. This way, the extension keeps product data up to date and prevents overselling.

Increase sales

Apply various pricing strategies across all Channel marketplaces and create the best offers for your customers.

Process Channel orders more productively

Use standard Magento functionality to process Channel orders: Invoice, Credit Memo, Shipment. M2E Pro sends all changes back to the Channel.

Save your time

Manage your products in groups using M2E Pro Listings and apply settings templates to them. The same settings are shared across all products in a group.

Enhance your inventory management

Operate all your inventory — from marketplaces and Magento shop — in one place. You’ll be able to track all the changes made to products both in Magento and Channels at once.