Sell on another Amazon Marketplace

Sell on Another Marketplace is a useful feature for sellers who want to extend their business to other Amazon Marketplaces. If you are selling an item on one Amazon Marketplace and want to sell it on another Amazon Marketplace as well, you can do it more quickly and effectively with this feature.

How to start

To start selling items on another Marketplace, make sure that you have linked the appropriate Amazon account on the Marketplace to M2E Pro. To do it, go to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Accounts and click Add Account.

Then go to the existing M2E Pro Listing (Amazon Integration > Listings > M2E Pro) that contains the items you want to sell on another Marketplace. On top of the Listing grid, switch to Settings View Mode, select the items that you want to sell on another Amazon Marketplace, and submit Sell On Another Marketplace action from the mass Actions menu.

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Step 1. Main Configurations

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  • Account. Select the Amazon account where you want to list your items.
  • Marketplace. Select the Amazon Marketplace where you want to list your items.
  • Store View. Select the Magento Store View where the Product data will be taken from.
  • Listing. When Amazon account, Amazon Marketplace and Store View are selected, M2E Pro offers Listings with the same parameters (if they exist). You can either choose the existing Listing or create a new one.

Click Continue once you have configured all the options.

Step 2. Setting Policies

If an existing Listing is selected, its Policies settings will be applied.

In case you select to create a new “To” Listing, you will see the Setting Policies step. There you can configure General, Selling, and Search Policy Settings:

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If necessary, you can always edit these settings within the Listing.

If a new Listing is created, and your “From” and “To” Marketplaces are the same:

M2E Pro will preserve all the Policy settings (Description, Shipping, Selling, Synchronization, Tax Code) previously assigned to the “From” Listing. You can either keep these Policies or edit them later if necessary.

If a new Listing is created, and your “From” and “To” Marketplaces are different:

M2E Pro will preserve Search, Selling, and Synchronization Policy settings previously assigned to the “From” Listing. You will have to configure new Description, Shipping, and Tax Code Policy settings as they vary depending on the Marketplace.

Step 3. Final

The Items will be added to the newly created Listing or the existing Listing depending on the selected settings.

Now you can manage and list the Items on another Amazon Marketplace directly from this Listing.