Description Policies

There are two ways to list your items on Amazon:

  • if the Product is already available in the Amazon catalog, you need to assign your Offer to the existing ASIN/ISBN;
  • if the Product is not in Amazon Catalog yet, you have to create a new ASIN/ISBN.

In this latter case, an informative and concise Product description is required. However, even if you match your Offer to the existing catalog page, you may submit your supplements to the Product details to Amazon for approval.

To send Product information to Amazon via M2E Pro, you have to create the Description Policy. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Policies and click Add Policy.

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  • Title - specify the meaningful title for your description template.
  • Marketplace - select the Marketplace on which you are going to submit this Product description. The list of available Categories depends on the Marketplace you select.
  • Category - select Amazon Category in which your Offer can be found on Amazon after you list it. The details can be found here.
  • Product Type - select the most appropriate Product Type. The list of available Specifics depends on the Product Type you select.
  • New ASIN/ISBN Creation - enable this option if you want to add a new product to the Amazon catalog using this Description Policy.

Once you complete the required fields under the General tab, switch to the Definition tab to provide the main information about your Product.

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