Submitting product data to Amazon

You have probably noticed that product information provided in Amazon Seller Central is not displayed on Amazon product detail page immediately. Some time passes before it becomes available.

This happens because the data you supply is one of the possible variants that Amazon may consider the most accurate. Thus, when you specify the title in Amazon Seller Central that is different from the title on Amazon product detail page, you become one of the data suppliers.

Within some time, Amazon Catalog Engine analyzes provided values and chooses the most suitable variant. Then this value gets displayed on Amazon product detail page.

If you create a new ASIN/ISBN, all the provided product details will be available to buyers since you are a single supplier of product information at the moment and there are no other alternatives for it.

However, after a new Amazon product is created, other sellers can offer their own options for product details values (for example, Title). Each time Amazon Catalog Engine selects the most suitable product data value, you and other sellers have equal rights, despite the fact that you are the creator of Amazon product.