Amazon Glossary


AFN Item — Amazon-fulfilled network Item: the paid Amazon feature that helps sellers to fulfill orders. Amazon picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for AFN Items.

Amazon Account —  your personal account registered on Amazon.

Amazon MWS — Amazon Marketplace Web Service: a secure service where you can get signatures for authentication to access MWS API.

Amazon Simple Product — a product that you sell without variations such as sizes, colors, etc.

Amazon Parent Product — a virtual container with a set of Child Products, i. e. product variations. Parent Product is not shown on the Amazon interface and cannot be purchased.


Description Policy — settings where you create conditions on how Product Information will be provided on Amazon. Description Policy includes the key details of a product as a physical object, i.e. product name, brand, keywords describing item features, images, etc. It is required for a new ASIN creation.


EAN — European Article Number: this is a unique code that is used in global trade to identify a product type, its manufacturer and other specifics.


GTIN — Global Trade Item Number: a unique number used to identify products in global trade.


ISBN —  International Standard Book Number: it is a unique identifier assigned to a product, i.e. book, by Amazon.

Item status — indicates at which stage of publishing a product is.

Item status: Active — item is successfully listed on Amazon.

Item status: Incomplete — item cannot be listed on Channel due to the lack of relevant data.


Linking — the association of Magento Products with products that you already added on Amazon without using M2E Pro,  i.e. the Unmanaged Items.


Magento Order —  information about a purchase, including product quantity, price, and buyer’s data, based on Amazon Order. You can use it to control the purchasing process.

MPN —  Manufacturer Part Number: it is an identifier assigned to a part\detail by a manufacturer.

MWS Auth Token —  an authorization key for a specific developer to make API requests on behalf of a specific Amazon seller.

Magento Variational Product — a product that varies by one or more characteristics/attributes, i.e. size, color, etc.

Magento Parent Product — a virtual container with a set of Child Products i. e. product variations. Parent Product is not shown on the Amazon interface and cannot be purchased.

M2E Pro Listing — a custom list of Magento products, which you can group by any characteristic convenient for you.


Offer — conditions under which a particular seller sells an Amazon product. Conditions include price, shipping, return options, etc.


Product ID Override — a feature that gives a possibility to list Items on Amazon without UPC/EAN. Permission from Amazon is required.


SKU — Stock Keeping Unit: a unique code you create to identify Magento products in your inventory.

Synchronization Policy — the conditions and rules for automatic synchronization of inventory between Magento and Amazon. The policy can be applied to a group of products.


Target Audience — it is a specific group of people within the market at which a product is aimed.


Unmanaged Listing —a list of Items that were added to Amazon without using M2E Pro Extension.


Variational Attribute — a characteristic by which a Variational Product varies on Amazon, e.g. size, color, manufacturer, etc.