Configurable Product

A Configurable Product is displayed as a single Product with drop-down lists of options (Child Products) for each variation. Each option is a separate Simple Product.
We recommend you choose the Configurable Product type if you want to list your product as a Multi-Variational one. Compared with others, this Magento product type is more suitable for managing variations on eBay.
Let’s take a look at the example of such a product and how its variations are displayed:
  • In Magento Inventory settings
notion image
  • In the list of Magento Products, where ID 2002 is a Parent Product, ID 1997 and ID 1996 are Child Products
notion image
  • In the M2E Pro Listing
notion image
M2E Pro allows you to provide eBay Catalog Identifiers for each variation of your Configurable Product. You can do it via the Manage Variations option within the Listing.
  • on eBay
notion image
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Configurable Product Listed as Simple

If the Ignore Variations option is enabled in Selling Policy, a Configurable Product will be listed as a Simple one, without variations.
In this case, the sum of all Child Products’ quantities and the price of the cheapest Child Product will be submitted to eBay.