Manual and Automatic List

Manual List

Before selling a Product on Amazon, you need to know if it exists in the Amazon Catalog. Use the Search Tool to find out whether it is there. If the product is not found, you can create a new one.
Submit the “List Item(s)” action to start selling your product on Amazon.
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List Action is used for adding a new item to your Amazon Seller Central:
  • If ASIN/ISBN exists in Amazon Catalog, a new Item is added to your Inventory with reference to this ASIN/ISBN.
  • If you create a new ASIN/ISBN, the ASIN/ISBN is added to Amazon Catalog. After that, the item is added to your Amazon Inventory.
The data sent during the List Action is generated based on Policies, Listing settings, and Product Identifiers settings.

Automatic List

Apart from the manual list, you can use an automatic list. For that, you should set appropriate List Rules in the Synchronization Policy.
If List Conditions are met, M2E Pro will automatically start listing Items with the “Not Listed” status.
The List Action can be executed successfully only once.
Once the item is successfully listed, its status changes to “Active”. To update the product data, submit Relist or Revise actions depending on the item’s status.
Amazon uses a queue system. The submitted requests are queued and processed on a “first-come, first-served" basis. They are not processed in real-time. That’s why the result of the List action becomes available within some time only. Check this article for more details.