M2E Pro interactive Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your marketplace performance. With it, you can easily monitor your sales, shipments, and products, and analyze essential metrics over any desired period.

Access the Dashboard

To get to the Dashboard, log in to your Magento and click on the "Dashboard" tab in the eBay Integration menu.

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Once you're on the Dashboard page, you'll see an overview of your marketplace performance.

Monitor your progress

Using the Dashboard, you can see how your marketplace performance changes over time. By analyzing essential metrics such as sales data, shipment information, and error rates, you can gain valuable insights into how your business is doing and identify areas for improvement to increase your sales and grow your business.

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Take action

M2e Pro Dashboard is a powerful tool that provides you with a wealth of charts and statistics to help you improve your decision-making and ultimately enhance your success on eBay marketplaces.

For example, if you notice a decrease in sales, you can investigate the possible reasons and take action to address them, such as optimizing your product listings or adjusting your pricing strategy. By viewing the number of active listings on your marketplaces, you can track the growth of your product business and identify opportunities to expand.

Keeping track of the errors that have affected your listings will allow you easily and quickly correct them and optimize your listings for better visibility. By understanding the analytics on shipments, you will know how many orders you need to ship and which ones are due.

Resolve errors efficiently

M2E Pro makes sure that you never miss any urgent issues. At the bottom of your dashboard, you will find a dedicated section displaying the top five errors that require your attention.

Quickly identify and prioritize the most critical issues affecting your eBay items and take immediate action. Get an understanding of the scale of impact with the information on the number and percentage of the affected items.

Simply click on an error from the list, and you’ll be instantly redirected to a grid with a detailed overview of the affected items.

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