Invoices and Shipments

Under the Invoices & Shipments tab, you can set M2E Pro to automatically create invoices and shipments in your Magento. You can do it by enabling the following options:


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  • Magento Invoice Creation - enable to automatically create Magento Invoices when payment is completed.


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  • Magento Shipment Creation - enable to automatically create shipment for the Magento order when the associated order on Channel is shipped.
If you manage your shipments directly on eBay or use a third-party tool, it is recommended to keep this option enabled. This is necessary to synchronize all the relevant order information between eBay and Magento.
Once M2E Pro receives shipping and tracking data from eBay, it will be submitted to the Magento order. Then a Magento Shipment will be created automatically, without any manual actions required.
  • Skip eVTN - set Yes if you want to exclude eVTN from your Magento orders.