Managing shipping details

Using M2E Pro, you can manage eBay orders during their full lifecycle, including shipping and tracking information. As soon as a customer places an order on the Channel, it is automatically imported to M2E Pro along with all the shipping-related data available at that time.

To view this data, navigate to the Shipping & Handling Information section on the individual order page (Sales > Orders):

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M2E Pro passes this information on to the Magento order created for a corresponding eBay order:

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The rest of the shipping data, such as carrier name, tracking number, etc. is usually updated either via Magento or directly on eBay. In both cases, the primary task of M2E Pro is to get ahold of these updates and synchronize the relevant order details between eBay and Magento.

Managing shipments in Magento

As a rule, when the order is paid, invoiced, and ready to be dispatched, a Shipment is created in Magento. The Magento order status will be marked as Complete accordingly.

After that, M2E Pro automatically submits shipping and tracking details to eBay. If these details are successfully validated on eBay’s side, the Channel order will be updated to Shipped.

You can check all the necessary shipping and tracking information in the dedicated section of your Magento Shipment:

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Configuring shipping methods

When managing shipments via Magento, you should check that M2E Pro Shipping is enabled in the list of shipping methods for the Store View where an order is being imported.

To do that, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > M2E Pro Shipping tab:

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Updating shipping information manually

The process of updating shipping and tracking information on eBay via M2E Pro is fully automated. But in case you face issues with automatic updates, you can rely on manual actions as well.

For example, if eBay order status cannot be automatically updated to Shipped for some reason, try doing it manually. Go to the Orders grid and submit the Mark Order(s) as Shipped action from the mass actions menu:

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Or click the Mark as Shipped button on top of the individual order page.

Sometimes, you may need to resend the shipping information to eBay, for example, because the tracking number has been changed. To do that, submit the appropriate action from the mass actions menu:

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Or click the Resend Shipping Information button in the Shipping & Handling Information section of the individual order page:

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Setting up Shipping Carrier names

When submitting tracking information to eBay, M2E Pro takes the carrier title from Carrier Code configurations in Magento. Find them under the following path:



To change the carrier title submitted to the eBay order, you need to modify the value provided in getConfigData('title').

According to eBay API documentation, there are no restrictions on the Shipping Carrier title for Austria, Poland, or UK marketplaces. However, for all other eBay sites, only the following characters are allowed: letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), space, and dash (-).

Managing shipments on eBay

When the shipping and tracking data becomes available on eBay, M2E Pro imports it and triggers Magento to create a Shipment for the corresponding order automatically. In case of a successful shipment creation, the order status in Magento will be updated to Complete (aka Shipped).

If you manage your shipments directly on eBay or use a third-party tool, it is recommended to keep the Magento Shipment Creation option enabled. Find it under the Invoices & Shipments tab in your Account settings (eBay Integration > Configuration > Accounts):

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This way, once M2E Pro receives shipping and tracking information from eBay, it will be submitted to the Magento order. Then a Magento Shipment will be created automatically, without any manual actions required.

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