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Set Yes for Create Order in Magento option if you would like to create the Magento Order for the purchases made for the Items listed on Amazon via M2E Pro.

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Select Store View where the created Magento Order should be placed in.

  • Use Store View From the Listing - Magento order will be created for the same Store View as it is provided in Listing Settings
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  • Choose Store View Manually - specify which Store View should be used for Magento Order creation manually
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Product is Listed By Any Other Software

Set Yes for Create Order in Magento option if you would like to create Magento Orders for the purchases made for Items that were listed on Amazon directly or using any other tool (not M2E Pro).

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Select Store View where the created Magento Order should be placed in.

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Set what should be done if the purchased item was not found in your Magento Catalog with the same SKU. You can select from:

  • Do Not Create Order - Magento Order will not be created for such Items
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  • Create Product and Order - Magento Product and Order will be created based on Amazon Order (in this case you are able to specify Product Tax Class for creation of Magento Product)
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FBA Orders Settings

In this block, you can manage settings for orders fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

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Create Order in Magento - choose whether the dedicated Magento Order should be created.

Create in separate Store View - specify whether Magento Orders for corresponding Amazon FBA Orders have to be created in a separate Store View.

Store View - select the Store View where M2E Pro should create Magento Orders for Amazon FBA Orders.

Manage Stock - choose whether you want to adjust the Magento product quantity once the order is created.

  • Yes - after Magento order creation of an FBA order, Quantity of Product reduces in Magento.
  • No - Magento order creation of FBA orders does not affect the quantity of Magento products.

Shipping information

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  • Import Invoice by Amazon label to Magento order – decide whether Invoice by Amazon label must be imported to the Magento orders.
  • Import Ship by date to Magento order – decide whether Ship By Date info must be imported to the Magento orders.
  • Update order as Shipped without Tracking Info – decide whether M2E Pro should mark Amazon orders without the tracking info as Shipped.
  • Override invalid Region/State required value - set to Yes to automatically replace the invalid Region/State value with an alternative one for the specified country.

Magento Order Number

Specify the Source for the Magento Order number.

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  • Magento - takes the Order Number settings from your Magento;
  • Amazon - takes the Order Number returned from Amazon

You can mark your orders via Prefix for each Amazon Order type, including B2B, Prime, and FBA.

If you add prefix General, it will be applied to all orders along with the type makers.

For example, you have an order with number 141-4423723-6495633. You set General prefix for all Amazon orders amz. It means the order number will be shown as amz141-4423723-6495633. If you also set prefixes for order types, they will also be added to the number e.g.amzfba141-4423723-6495633 or amzb2b141-4423723-6495633.

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  • Use as Your Seller Order ID - set it to Yes to attach your Magento Order number to Amazon Order details. After Magento Order is created, its number will be submitted to the Channel Order as Your Seller Order ID.

Quantity Reservation

This option allows you to set for how long the Item Quantity should be reserved after the purchase. You can select from 1 day to 14 days reservation period.

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Reserve QTY will be used when Magento Order is created or released when the term of QTY Reservation has expired.

For example, Magento Product has QTY=10. In Account Settings, it is specified Reservation for 1 Day.
1 Item was bought on Amazon. At the moment Amazon order is created, Magento Product's QTY = 9.

Refund & Cancellation

Set your preferences for refunding and cancelling your Amazon orders.

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  • Cancel or Refund if Credit Memo is Created - set this option to Yes to automatically cancel or refund items associated with Amazon orders when a Magento Credit Memo is created.
  • Automatically create Credit Memo when Order is cancelled - set this option to Yes if you want M2E Pro to automatically create Credit Memos in Magento when paid orders are cancelled on Amazon.
  • Automatically create Credit Memo when Buyer requests Cancellation - set this option to Yes if you want M2E Pro to automatically create a Credit Memo in Magento after receiving a cancellation request from the buyer.

Customer Settings

Specify the Customer settings for Magento Orders created by M2E Pro.

Customer – choose if you want to use an existing customer or create a new one.

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Guest Account – the system does not require a customer account to be created. The default guest account will be used instead.

Predefined Customer – the system uses a predefined customer.

Create New – a new customer will be created in Magento.

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  • Associate to Website – Website a customer account will be created for.
  • Customer Group – Customer Group a customer will be assigned to.
  • Send E-mails When The Following Is Created – allows notifying the customer when Magento Order and/or Invoice are created. Necessary emails will be sent according to Magento settings in Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails. (Hold Ctrl button, to choose more than one option.)
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Billing Address Usage – select the appropriate option of how to handle the billing address for the imported Customer:

  • Always - the shipping address is always used as the billing address.
  • Buyer & Recipient have the same name - the shipping address is used as the billing address only when Buyer's name and Recipient's name are the same. Otherwise, billing address fields will be empty and this message will appear in the city field: "Amazon does not supply complete billing Buyer information".

Order Tax Settings

Select which Tax settings should be applied to Magento Order:

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Tax Source

  • Amazon - Magento Order(s) uses Tax Settings from Amazon Listing(s).
  • Magento - Magento Order(s) uses Magento Tax Settings.
  • Amazon & Magento - if there are Tax Settings in Amazon Order, they are used in Magento Order(s), otherwise, Magento Tax Settings are used.
  • None - Amazon and Magento Tax Settings are ignored.

Exclude tax collected by Amazon (the US only)

Specify if tax collected by Amazon should be excluded from orders.

By choosing Yes, you can select US states for which tax in Magento orders has to be excluded.

Click Select states to see the states that are pre-selected (based on Amazon data as of 23.09.2020):

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As the number of US states eligible for order tax processing may change, here you can select the states for future use.

Exclude UK VAT collected by Amazon

  • None – the VAT won't be excluded and will be displayed in all orders.
  • All orders with UK shipments – M2E Pro will exclude VAT from all orders with UK shipments.
  • Orders under 135GBP price – M2E Pro will exclude VAT from orders with a total amount under 135 GBP.

Exclude EEA VAT collected by Amazon

This option allows you not to include VAT in orders with EEA shipment. If enabled, you can select EEA countries for which VAT has to be excluded.

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Tax Rate Rounding

Enable this option to round the decimal places of Tax Rates before they're shown in your Magento order. This will ensure the tax rate values with decimals will be converted to the nearest non-decimal value. For example, 7.63% is going to be rounded up to 8%, while 8.4% will become 8.

Import Tax Registration Number to Magento Order (for TR and BR marketplaces)

This option allows M2E Pro to import Tax Registration Numbers to Magento Orders and display them as VAT in the Shipping Address section.

Order Status Mapping

Set the correspondence between Amazon and Magento order statuses. The status of your Magento order will be updated based on these settings.

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You can either use the default order statuses or customize them according to your needs.

If you choose the default option, the Magento order will have a predefined status whenever the order is unshipped/partially or fully shipped on Amazon. For example, once the order is “Shipped” on Amazon, its status in Magento will change to “Complete”.

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In case you do not want the order statuses on Amazon and Magento to be fully consistent for some reason, set custom order status mapping. Depending on the status of your Amazon order, you can match it manually to any of the available Magento order statuses from the drop-down menu.