Amazon Prime / Amazon's Buy Shipping Services tool

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is paid subscription program from Amazon that offers users a guaranteed free same/one/two-day delivery and other benefits. Becoming a Prime Seller allows you to reach over 100 million Prime customer base and increase your competitive edge.
To get your Items on Amazon Prime, you need to use FBA or join the Seller Fulfilled Prime program and maintain good seller metrics. Once it is done, your Items will be highlighted with a Prime badge and guaranteed delivery message on Amazon.
Quick delivery remains the main advantage of Amazon Prime. With the Seller Fulfilled Prime, you are required to use only eligible carriers to meet the high delivery performance standards. You may pay for the shipping with your Seller Central account, then hand the orders to the selected carrier for transportation.

Amazon's Buy Shipping Services tool

M2E Pro Amazon Buy Shipping Service tool allows you to select the proper carrier and print the shipping label for the Prime order fulfillment. Yet, you can provide reliable delivery for non-Prime sales via the Amazon Shipping Services tool.
M2E Pro Amazon Shipping Service tool is available for the US, UK, DE, CA, US, MX, ES, UK, FR, DE, IT, TR, BR, and IN marketplaces.
Amazon establishes its own rates on the shipping labels from the eligible carriers.
Before you start using the Amazon Shipping Services tool, please make sure:
  • you meet the requirements for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime;
  • you have accepted the Terms and Conditions for Amazon Shipping Service and the carriers you want to use.
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For more details about Amazon's Buy Shipping services, please read this article.
To access the tool in M2E Pro, go to Amazon Integration > Sales > Orders and select Amazon's Shipping Services action from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can open the tool from the M2E Pro order by clicking Use Amazon's Shipping Services.
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Amazon Shipping Services can be set up only for Unshipped orders.
You will see your Prime orders marked with a  badge in the Orders grid.
Once opened, you will need to complete several fields, i.e. the date by which the order must be delivered, the package dimensions and weight, Item's shipping origin, etc.
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By default, the Declared Value is automatically calculated as a subtotal of all of the purchased Items. Still, you can edit this field if necessary.
For orders that consist of one Item, you can specify the Package details (Length/Width/Height, and Weight) using Magento attributes. For this, select Custom Attribute in the Dimension field.
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M2E Pro will save your preferences on Measurement Units, Shipping Origin, and Additional Settings fields. They will remain preselected unless you make any changes.
After you finish completing the fields, click Continue to proceed.
Next, you will see the list of carriers recommended based on the data provided in the previous step; so you can select the most suitable one. If no appropriate Shipping Service is listed, you may get back to Step 1 to modify some options like Carrier Will Pick UpDelivery Experience, etc.
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There are cases when a Shipping Service is temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons. If so, please try to use this service later.
When the carrier is selected, click Continue to complete the Shipment creation.
Now, you can review the shipping details by clicking Show Details under the Shipping & Handling Information section. Use it to check the shipment status, carrier, tracking number, product and package information, etc.
To update the shipment status, please click Refresh. You also can click Cancel or Refund to annul the Shipment.
If you would like to print a shipping label for the order, click Print under the Package section.