ASIN/ISBN management

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, it is a 10-character code assigned to each unique product within the Amazon catalog.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 13-digit number that identifies a specific book or an edition of a book. For books, the ASIN, and the ISBN numbers are the same.

ASIN/ISBN is an essential part of the Amazon catalog structure. With its help, sellers manage their inventory more efficiently, whereas buyers use it as another value for filtering search results.

Before you can sell your product on Amazon, it is matched with existing items by the Product Identifiers (UPC/EAN, etc.). As a result, your product is assigned to the appropriate ASIN.

In M2E Pro, you can list products under the existing ASIN/ISBN or create a new ASIN/ISBN for the item.

List products under existing ASIN/ISBN

As a rule, M2E Pro performs the automatic ASIN/ISBN search right after you add the product to the Listing. However, you can also do it yourself by running the search automatically or manually.

Automatic ASIN/ISBN search

M2E Pro performs an automatic ASIN/ISBN search based on the Product Identifier settings.

The auto-search algorithm is run in the following sequence: ASIN/ISBN >> UPC/EAN. M2E Pro compares your parameters with those in the Amazon catalog, or switches to the next parameter if search conditions are not met or if parameters haven't been specified.

If several products in the Amazon catalog meet search conditions, M2E Pro will display them all in the Listing grid. To assign one, click on the N/A icon.

In order to assign the ASIN/ISBN automatically:

  1. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Listings > M2E Pro.
  1. Click on the N/A+ icon in the ASIN/ISBN column.
  1. In the opened pop-up, click on the Assign ASIN/ISBN Automatically.
  1. Specify attribute values if necessary and click Assign near the product.

Once done, you can find the assigned ASIN/ISBN in the corresponding column.

Manual ASIN/ISBN search

If you choose to search for an appropriate ASIN manually, this can be done right in the Listing grid under Amazon Integration > Listings > M2E Pro:

  1. Click on the N/A+ icon in the ASIN/ISBN column.
  1. In the opened pop-up, click on the Assign ASIN/ISBN Manually.
  1. Enter the ASIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN, and click Search.
  1. Specify attribute values if necessary and click Assign near the product.

Create a new ASIN/ISBN for the product

If no corresponding ASIN/ISBN exists in the Amazon Catalog yet, you can create a new ASIN/ISBN for your product. For this, it is essential to create and assign Product Types (Amazon Integration > Configuration > Product Types) to your items to ensure ongoing synchronization and seamless updating of your product details.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create Product Type.

Navigate to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Product Types. Click Add Product Type and select the Marketplace you want to use it for.

Search or Browse for a relevant Product Type, select it, and click Confirm. Assign Product Specifics using Magento Attributes or enter them manually. Then, save the settings.

  1. Assign Product Type to the items.

Navigate to Amazon Integration > M2E Pro > Listings. Open the Listing and switch to the Settings View Mode.

Select the Products you would like to update. In the Actions menu, select Assign Product Type. Then click Assign next to the proper Product Type. Confirm your choice to save the settings.

That’s it! After saving, M2E Pro will update your product on Amazon according to the Synchronization Policy in use.

Create the product with no UPC/EAN

In case the product you sell does not imply UPC/EAN (e.g. handmade, private-label), you need to get Amazon approval for listing products without Product Identifiers.

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