Sending several tracking numbers per order

Sometimes you may need to fulfill your orders partially so that some purchased items are shipped individually under a particular tracking number.

If you ship an order partially, you need to have a shipment created per each tracking number in your Magento.

Let’s see an example of a Magento order containing 3 purchased items.

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To ship the order partially:

1) Click Ship in the top-right corner.

2) Enter the necessary quantity into the QTY to Ship field.

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3) Click Submit Shipment.

The created shipments are now shown in the Shipments section.

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To add the tracking numbers to them:

  1. Choose the necessary shipment.
  1. Select the carrier and add the tracking number in Shipping and Tracking Information.
  1. Click Send Tracking Information in the top-right corner.
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Once done, the specified tracking numbers will be synchronized to Amazon and reflected in the Amazon Order details.