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Amazon Integration

Manage orders with customization requests

M2E Pro is now compatible with Amazon’s Custom program, which allows sellers to offer customizable products to buyers. So, if you are enrolled in this program, and your buyer has requested customization, M2E Pro will import and display this information in your Amazon order.

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You can view the details of the product customization ordered directly in the Sales > Orders grid or in the Custom Notes section on the Order Details page. Simply click on the link to a .zip file to get all the necessary information to fulfill your customized order.

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Handle replacement orders

When a buyer requests a replacement on Amazon, a separate order is automatically generated for the same product at $0.00. In Seller Central, these orders are marked as replacements and linked to the original order ID.

This version streamlines the process of handling Amazon replacement orders in M2E Pro. Replacement orders are now marked with an appropriate label, so you can easily distinguish them from regular orders.

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Technical changelog

  • Amazon: [Added] Ability to manage replacement orders [#5197]
  • Amazon: [Added] Support for Amazon Custom program [#3883]