Shipping Mapping

In this tab, you can link Amazon delivery options with the shipping services available in your Magento. By configuring Shipping Mapping settings, you can ensure that the correct shipping service is used for each order, especially if you’re managing orders and shipments via Magento.

Depending on the Amazon marketplace, there is a comprehensive list of Amazon's Domestic and International delivery options. For each delivery type, simply select the corresponding Magento service from a dropdown menu.

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The shipping service data will be imported to Magento orders according to your Shipping Mapping settings.

Attribute Mapping

In this tab, you can set the correspondence between your Product Type & Magento attributes and save your attribute mappings as the default ones.

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Attribute mapping guarantees that the correct attributes are consistently associated with each Product Type specific. You can edit the saved mapping if a different Magento attribute value is more appropriate for a certain Amazon Product Type specific.

When creating a new Product Type, your saved attribute mappings will be applied automatically.