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eBay Integration

Manage eBay order returns

Starting from version 1.52.0, M2E Pro makes it possible to process return requests for eBay orders within the extension.

To ensure that you are aware of the order return requested by the buyer, M2E Pro will display this information in the Status column of the Orders grid (eBay Integration > Sales > Orders):

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You can approve or decline the return request for an individual eBay order on the Order Details page:

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To process returns for several orders at once, simply submit the corresponding mass action from the menu in the Orders grid:

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Once the order return is approved, the order status will be updated to “Returned”.

Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Special symbols aren’t displayed correctly in exported CSV files [#5251]
  • eBay: [Added] Ability to return eBay orders [#5253]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Exception "Failed to parse time string at position 21 (?): Unexpected character" occurs when using the Advanced Filter [#5247]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Log "Reverse charge (0% VAT) applied on Amazon” displayed incorrectly [#5186]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Multiple attempts to update Amazon orders without tracking information provided [#5179]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Multiple cancellation notes added to M2E Pro and Magento orders [#5230]