Whether you are managing product data or monitoring an order creation, logs will be helpful to understand all the actions in M2E Pro.

Listing logs

You can access Listing Logs&Events by navigating to Walmart > Listings > Logs & Events. Here you'll find the information about all changes and actions made in M2E Pro Listings.

The M2E Pro Listing log keeps the records of what changed in product data, the success of run actions, updating of Magento Product and Walmart Item statuses, etc.

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Order logs

Navigate to Walmart > Sales > Logs & Events to get to Order logs. It lets you keep track of what Magento orders, shipments or invoices have been created for the corresponding Walmart orders.

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Log filters

Within the Listing and Order log tab, there is a checkbox “Only messages with unique Product ID/Order ID” respectively. It allows you to filter the Listing and Order logs by unique Order/Product ID and description.

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If the filter box is checked, the message with the same contents for the same Order/Product ID will be shown once. The number next to the message indicates how many times this type of message appears for your product/order. In this case, the date of the most recent message is displayed as the creation date.

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Uncheck the box if you want to see the entire list of Order or Listing logs.

Synchronization logs

Synchronization logs warn you about issues that occurred during M2E Pro Listing, Order, Unmanaged Listing, Walmart marketplace, etc. synchronization. You can check the relevant records by navigating to Walmart Integration > Help Center > Synchronization Logs.

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