Logic of M2E Pro Listings and settings

Global Listing settings

Each M2E Pro Listing has its global settings. They are determined by data from Magento Attributes of the Products within the Listing. To customize these settings before listing Products on eBay, use M2E Pro Policies.

When configuring Policy settings, you can choose either a Magento Attribute or a Custom Value as a source of Product data.

The use of Magento Attributes gives you greater flexibility for managing Policy settings. An Attribute allows you to set a different value for all your Products. Thus, the values of a Magento Attribute used in your M2E Pro Policy will be unique for each Product that uses this Policy.

Choosing a Custom Value as a source of Product data may be helpful in some cases. But, unlike a Magento Attribute, if you specify any custom value in the Policy settings, it will be the same for all Products listed under this Policy.

Here is how the Magento Attributes and Custom Value options look on the M2E Pro Policy creation/editing page:

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Assigning Сustom settings (only for M2E Pro v. 1.24.1 and below)

Generally, the Policies used in your Listing apply to all the Products within it. Yet, there are a few exceptions in each integration.


As for eBay, M2E Pro allows specifying custom Policy settings for the Products in the Listing. In this case, custom Policy settings are submitted to eBay during the product listing process. The global Listing settings won’t be used – M2E Pro will replace them with custom ones.

To provide custom eBay Policy settings, switch to the Settings View Mode within the Listing. Then use the mass or individual actions menu to customize the Policy settings for your Products.

See how it works with a custom eBay Payment Policy as an example:

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Amazon & Walmart

The majority of Policies for both Amazon and Walmart are configured for the entire Listing only (except for Amazon Description and Walmart Category Policies that are assigned per Product).

You can also assign a custom Amazon Shipping Policy for the Products in the Listing via the Settings View Mode. The custom Amazon Shipping Policy overrides global Listing settings.