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Release Notes

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Amazon Integration

Use enhanced Filters for quick order search

Starting from this version, you can find the needed Amazon orders faster than ever before.

We’ve added Filters to the Orders grid, allowing you to search for orders based on specific criteria, such as marketplace, seller account, order type (Prime, B2B), the availability of Invoice/Credit Memo/Magento order created, and more.

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Find the newly added filters under Amazon Integration > Sales > Orders.

Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Issues with filters on the ‘All Items’ page [#5066]
  • Common: [Improved] Temporary removal of order filters in eBay and Walmart integrations [#5155]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Error “Undefined array key entity_id in Block/Adminhtml/Ebay/Listing/Product/Add/Grid.php.” when trying to load the ‘Add Products’ page [#5171]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Incorrect mapping of product options in Combined orders [#5077]
  • eBay: [Improved] Validation of Item Specifics values [#5004]
  • Amazon: [Added] Filters to the ‘Orders’ page [#5155]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] AFN QTY values aren’t exported in a CSV file [#5162]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Error "Amazon Order status was not updated. Reason: Some values for some specifics are empty or invalid" occurs due to the order labels [#5169]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Log messages on Revise, Relist, and Stop actions run for FBA Items [#5120]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Magento order number prefixes improvements [#4978]