M2E Pro Version - 1.49.0


eBay Integration

Define category settings per M2E Pro Listing

This version makes it possible to easily set and change the eBay category settings mode for a specific M2E Pro Listing. You only need to indicate the default settings once – no need to set them every time you add new products to your Listing.

Simply navigate to your M2E Pro Listing, click Edit Settings > Configuration, and switch to the Categories tab. Select the needed eBay category settings mode for your Listing and save the changes.

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Amazon Integration

View and set up only required attributes of a Product Type

To streamline the setup process of Product Types, we’ve introduced a feature that allows you to view and work exclusively with the required attributes.

When adding a new Product Type or editing an existing one, you can click on the “Only Required Attributes” toggle and decide how you want the attributes to be displayed.

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Leave the toggle on if you want to fill in only the required attributes and specify the remaining ones later. To work with the complete list of attributes, simply disable the toggle.

Technical changelog

  • Common: [Added] Link to Inventory Tracker within the Synchronization settings of each Channel integration [#5139]
  • Common: [Fixed] Error “Call to a member function getProduct() on null …in Model/Order/Reserve.php.” when trying to release reserved QTY [#5023]
  • Common: [Improved] Inventory Tracker improvements [#5154]
  • eBay: [Improved] Logic of assigning eBay category settings to M2E Pro Listing [#4801]
  • Amazon: [Added] View the latest Browse Node ID list when adding a Product Type [#5063]
  • Amazon: [Added] View and set up only required attributes when configuring a Product Type [#4924]