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M2E TikTok Shop Global Settings

Learn how to configure your M2E TikTok Shop (TTS) on a global level. You can manage your Module settings, provide general price and quantity settings, define your interface and log history preferences, update an Extension Key, etc. Let's look at the available options.

Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > M2E TikTok Shop.

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Here, you can manage the Module and Automatic Synchronization settings.

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Automatic Synchronization – if you disable this option, inventory and order synchronization stops. The Module interface remains available.

Module Interface and Automatic Synchronization – inventory and order synchronization stops. The Module interface becomes unavailable.

Interface & Magento Inventory

Provide global settings for the Module Interface and configurations for Price & Quantity.


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Set the visual interface preferences:

  • Products Thumbnails – choose to show/not show product thumbnails.
  • Help Information – choose to show/not show Help info.

Quantity & Price

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Specify the general Quantity settings:

  • Manage Stock "No", Backorders – enable if you are going to allow backorders for a product or do not manage stock in Magento.
  • Quantity To Be Listed – set a number that you want to send as available QTY to TikTok Shop. For example, if you have the Manage Stock option set to "No" in Magento Product and set this value to 10, 10 units will be sent as available Quantity to TikTok Shop.

Specify general Price settings:

  • Convert Magento Price Attribute — automatic conversion of Magento Price Attribute values.

It allows selling on the different regional TikTok Shops without a need to recalculate the Prices/Costs in local currency.

If you are going to list your product on TikTok Shops that have different Base Currency and Product Price/Shipping Cost values are set to be taken from Magento Attribute with Price input type, enable the automatic currency conversion first.

Logs Clearing

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M2E TTS automatically clears log history based on your preferences.

  • Enabled – enable/disable the log-clearing feature.
  • Keep For (days) – indicate how long the log records should be stored.
  • Run Now – launch the log-clearing task immediately.
  • Clear All – clear all available log records.

Extension Key


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To use M2E TikTok Shop, you need to register on M2E Accounts and generate a License Key.

Your email address used during the initial setup of M2E TikTok Shop automatically registers you on M2E Accounts. After logging in, you can manage your Subscription and Billing information.

License Key is a unique identifier of M2E TikTok Shop instance, which is generated automatically and strictly associated with the current IP and Domain of your Magento.

The same License Key cannot be used for different domains, sub-domains, or IPs. If your Magento Server changes its location, the new License Key must be obtained and provided to M2E TikTok Shop License section.

Click Save Config after the changes are made.