M2E TikTok Magento integration: Quick Start
M2E TikTok Magento integration: Quick Start

M2E TikTok Magento integration: Quick Start

TikTok Magento (Adobe Commerce) integration by M2E provides all the tools to list your Magento products on TikTok Shop, handle listings & orders, and keep them synchronized across your stores.
Below are the essential steps to help you set up the integration.

Basic requirements

Before you start selling your Magento Products on TikTok Shop via M2E, make sure that:
  • You have installed the M2E TikTok extension into your Magento.
  • You have registered an account on TikTok Seller Center.

Step 1. Set up your account.

If you don’t have an M2E Pro account, please provide your contact details during this step. These details will be used to create your personal profile on M2E Accounts.
Existing M2E Pro users can skip this step and proceed to the next one.

Step 2. Connect your TikTok Shop account.

Select the account that you want to connect to the M2E extension. Then, confirm the access to your TikTok Shop account information. This connection allows M2E to interact with your TikTok Shop account for listing and managing products.

Step 3. Create M2E Listing.

Create your first M2E Listing, which is a list of products you choose to sell on TikTok Shop under particular settings. The Listing acts as a template and lets you apply similar settings to multiple products at once.
  • Specify Listing Title. Give your listing a descriptive title that helps you identify it easily.
  • Choose Magento Store View. Select a Magento Store View that will serve as the source for your product data. This ensures the correct product information is used for your TikTok Shop listings.
  • Set Policies. Define policies within your listing. These policies include various settings necessary for listing products on TikTok Shop. They determine how M2E will manage your inventory and synchronize TikTok Shop data with your Magento store.

Step 4. Add products to the Listing.

In this step, you will see a list of products from your Magento catalog based on the Store View you’ve previously selected. Choose the products you want to add to your Listing for their further management.

Step 5. List products on the TikTok Shop.

Once you have added the needed products to the M2E Listing, it's time to list them on the TikTok Shop. Navigate to your newly created M2E Listing and, when you're ready to make your products available to potential buyers, submit the "List" action.
As soon as the products are listed, M2E automatically starts synchronizing them between your Magento store and your TikTok Shop. This ensures that your product and order data remains up-to-date and accurate on both platforms.

With these steps completed, you should have a solid foundation for selling your Magento products on TikTok Shop using the M2E TikTok Magento integration.