M2E TikTok Shop Logs & Events
M2E TikTok Shop Logs & Events

M2E TikTok Shop Logs & Events

Activity logs allow you to keep track of the events and actions related to M2E TikTok Shop (TTS) Listing, order management, synchronization running, and to troubleshoot the issues if any occur.
Each log record shows the date/time when an action/event occurred, action/event description, which Listing and Product was impacted by the action/event, whether the action/event was run automatically or manually, etc.
You may see the following types of notification messages:
  • Info - informs about the action that occurred.
  • Success - confirms that the action was completed successfully.
  • Warning - alerts about possible/encountered problems during an action. Warnings do not prevent the action from being completed.
  • Error - alerts about problems that occurred during the action. Errors prevent the action from being completed.
Let's take a closer look at the activity logs.

Listing logs

M2E TTS Listing logs can be found under TikTok Shop > Listings > Logs & Events.
The M2E TTS Listing log keeps the records of what changed in product data, the success of run actions, updating of Magento Product and TikTok Shop item statuses, warnings/errors returned by TikTok Shop, etc.
You can filter out the records by TikTok Shop or Account, creation date or action performed, etc. For example, to see what changes were made to the products via M2E TTS, you need to select Revise Product on Channel. Item updates made directly on TikTok Shop can be listed by selecting External Change.
In the Listing column, click on the Product’s name to be redirected to the Listing filtered by this precise Item. This way, you can quickly view and manage Item details.
External Change filter option shows product changes made directly in your TikTok Shop. The extension does not initiate these changes and only records them in product logs.
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Use Filters to make your search more reasonable.

Order logs

Order log lets you keep track of what Magento orders, shipments, or invoices were created for the corresponding TikTok Shop orders. To review the records, please navigate to TikTok Shop > Sales > Logs & Events.
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If you create a Magento order manually (via the Create Order button on the Order Details page), and the order meets the conditions for creating a Magento invoice and shipment as well, these three actions will be executed at once. In Order logs, they will be recorded as manual ones.

Log filters

Within the Listing and Order log tab, there is a checkbox “Only messages with unique Product ID/Order ID” respectively. It allows you to filter the Listing and Order logs by unique Order/Product ID and description.
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If the filter box is checked, the message with the same contents for the same Order/Product ID will be shown once. The number next to the message indicates how many times this type of message appears for your product/order. In this case, the date of the most recent message is displayed as the creation date.
Uncheck the box if you want to see the entire list of Order or Listing logs.
The Product ID filter is visible only in the Separated View Mode.

Synchronization logs

Synchronization logs warn you about issues that occurred during M2E TTS Listing, Order, etc. synchronization. You can check the relevant records by navigating to TikTok Shop > Help Center > Synchronization Logs.
Use Filters at the top of the grid to make your search more reasonable.
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