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M2E TTS Version - 1.5.0


Change Magento Store View in M2E TSS Listings

Now you can easily switch the Magento Store View for your products in M2E TTS Listing. This way, you won’t need to create multiple Listings for each account and configure multiple rules for product management.

To update the Store View, navigate to Listings > Items. Open the mass actions menu next to the needed Listing and click Edit Settings > Store View. Then save the changes.

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Technical changelog

  • [Improved] Change Store View in TikTok Shop Listings [#5747]
  • [Improved] Display of “Invite Only” TikTok Shop category [#5884]
  • [Improved] Support for PHP from v7.4 up to v8.3 [#5881]
  • [Improved] Synchronization of package dimensions of Configurable Products [#5883]
  • [Improved] TikTok Shop category selection [#5758]