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M2E TTS Version - 1.3.0


Sell Configurable Products on TikTok Shop

Starting from this version, you can expand your product offerings on TikTok Shop and list Configurable Products with variations from your Magento catalog. Simply add products to your M2E TTS Listing and list them in the same way as Simple Products.

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You can manage all product variations efficiently in M2E TTS Listing. Click on the 'Manage Variations' button for detailed information on each variation, including price, quantity, and status.

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Apply filters across column headers to quickly find and sort through product variations.

Technical changelog

  • [Added] List Magento Configurable Products on TikTok Shop [#5396]
  • [Added] Refresh TTS seller account data [#5754]
  • [Added] Specify "Custom Value" for Package attributes on TikTok Shop [#5772]
  • [Added] Update category data [#5737]
  • [Fixed] Incorrect button for editing category in Settings View Mode [#5780]