You can save the settings as a Policy to apply the same configurations to the different M2E Pro Listings or override the Listing settings for individual Items.


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  • Condition - allows you to specify which condition has the Item you are going to sell on eBay. Let your Buyers know exactly what condition has an Item they are going to purchase.
You can select the Item Condition from the list of predefined values or use a Magento Attribute. If you set a condition via Magento Attribute, make sure it contains an appropriate ID.
The Item Condition may be displayed differently on eBay. For example, the condition 'New' for clothing categories appears as 'New: With Tags', 'New Other' as 'New: Without Tags', etc.
  • Seller Notes - if the Item is not new, you can provide additional details about the Item's Condition, such as whether it has defects, missing parts, scratches, or other wear and tear. You have up to 1000 characters.


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  • Main Image - the image your potential Buyers will see in the top left of your eBay Item and next to the Items' title in the Search results.
  • Super Size - allows you to provide larger images (up to 800w x 800h pixels - 800 pixels on the longest side).
  • Gallery Images - adds small thumbnails that appear under the Base Image. You can add up to 23 additional photos to each Item on eBay.
  • Change Images for Attributes (applied only to Configurable Products) – allows selecting Magento attribute by which the Multi-Variational Product images will be switching on eBay.
The list of available attributes depends on the Variational Attributes you use for the Configurable Products.
Images for each Configurable Product are switching only by one variational attribute. If your Product varies by two or more attributes, M2E Pro will take into account the first attribute selected from the list.
  • Variation Attribute Images (applied only to Configurable and Grouped Products) - allows adding up to 12 images for each Product variation.


You can add a watermark to your images.
The watermark option is only available for images hosted on Magento.
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  • Use Watermark – enable/disable the use of a watermark.
  • Upload – choose and upload a file with a watermark image.
  • Transparency – enable to regulate the transparency level of a watermark.
  • Opacity – set the relevant opacity level from 10% to 90% (where 10% is highly transparent, and 90% is not transparent).
  • Position – select a watermark’s position on the image.


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  • Title - allows specifying the title that should be displayed for the Product. You can use Magento Product Name for it or create a Custom Title.
  • Subtitle - allows you to add additional information that won't fit in the Title.
eBay charges a fee for using this option. Find out more about Insertion Fees.
  • Cut Long Titles – automatically shortens Items' Titles to 80 characters and Subtitles to 55 characters according to eBay limitation.
  • Brand – select the Magento Attribute that contains the brand value for your Simple, Configurable, and Grouped Products. Or choose an "Unbranded" option in case your products do not have any brand data.
The Brand value is taken from Magento Parent Product and applied to the entire item including its variations.
You may use the same Description Policy for Products with and without brand data. In this case, make sure that the selected Magento Attribute contains "Unbranded" as a value for your "unidentified" products.


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You can select to show Product Description or Product Short Description value as an eBay Item Description. However, if you would like to customize the descriptive information for the Items, you can use a Custom Value with the insertion of the Magento Attributes, Images tags, or HTML code you created.
Learn how to set up a Custom Description here.
If you have specified the Brand value in the Details section, three more options become available:
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  • MPN – an identifier of a particular part design used in a particular industry. Select the Magento Attribute that contains the MPN value for your Simple, Configurable, and Grouped Products. Or choose a "Does Not Apply" option in case your products do not have any MPN data.
You may use the same Description Policy for Products with and without MPN data. In this case, make sure that the selected Magento Attribute contains "Does Not Apply" as a value for your "unidentified" products.
MPN values for each variation of your Configurable and Grouped Products can be provided in two ways – via the Description Policy or the Manage Variations pop-up. If they are set in the Description Policy, the relevant values will be taken from Magento Child Products. MPN values provided via the Manage Variations pop-up will have priority over the settings specified in the Description Policy.
For each variation of your BundleDownloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products, you can provide MPN values only via the Manage Variations pop-up.
The rest of the Catalog Identifier values can be specified in eBay Global Settings.
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  • Use eBay Catalog Item Data  specify whether you want your product data to include prefilled Catalog item data from eBay. If the field is set to No, your product data sent to eBay will not interfere with eBay Catalog item data.
  • Use Image From eBay Catalog enable to include the stock photos from the eBay catalog in your Item description.
eBay will apply stock photos only to products in a “New” condition with no Magento images added.

Upgrade Tools

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To make your Listing stand out from others, you can use eBay standard tools. Be aware that these features come with additional eBay fees.
  • Value Pack Bundle – combines Gallery, Subtitle, and Listing Designer to get a discount.
  • Bold Title – makes a listing title bold.
  • Gallery Type – adds listing pictures using different modes in search results.
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