How to upload images

This tutorial shows how to upload images on eBay using different options in Description Policy.

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Main Image

The Main Image is the image that appears on the top left of your eBay item and next to your item's title in search results.

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To upload this image, you can use 2 options:

  • Product Base Image – the image marked as a Base Image in Magento will be uploaded.
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Default Image Url (optional) – if the main image is not found, this image will be used instead.
Fill in this option with the absolute URL.

Super Size

If you want to see larger and more detailed images on eBay (up to 800w x 800h pixels - 800 pixels on the longest side), use the Picture Pack option. Be aware that it may come with an additional fee.

Gallery Images

If you want to upload more than 1 image, use the Gallery Images option. This allows you to add up to 11 additional images that will appear as small thumbnails under the Base large image.

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You can set the number of images you want to add (the images will be uploaded from the Magento product images). The images will appear according to the order that you have set in Magento.

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Or specify the images via Magento Attribute.

Only Text, Multiple Select, or Dropdown type attributes can be used and must contain absolute URLs.

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In the text type attribute URLs must be separated with a comma.


Change Images for Attribute

  • Change Images for Attributes (applied only to Configurable Products) – allows selecting Magento attribute by which the Multi-Variational Product images will be switching on eBay.
  • Variation Attribute Images (applied only to Configurable and Grouped Products) - allows adding up to 12 images for each product variation.

Read the following articles for a better understanding of how the settings work for Multi-Variational Products: