Bundle Product Images Upload

For a Bundle Product, M2E Pro uploads images from the Main (Parent) Product.

Description Settings

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  • Main Image – uploads the largest image of your eBay item from the main (parent) product.
  • Super Size – displays larger, more detailed pictures (up to 800w x 800h pixels - 800 pixels on the longest side). This feature may come with an additional fee.
  • Default Image Url – if a product does not have the Main Image, this image will be shown instead.
  • Gallery Images – adds up to 11 additional images from the main (parent) product. They will appear as small thumbnails under the Base large image.
  • Change Images for Attribute (only for Configurable products) – Not needed for Bundle products.

Bundle Product Settings

Main (Parent) product images

The image shows how M2E Pro will upload product images according to the settings above.

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Images on eBay

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