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M2E Kaufland Version - 1.3.0


Create new products on Kaufland Marketplace

Extend your product range and add your Magento items to the Kaulfland marketplace as new products. This feature lets you list items not yet available in the Kaufland catalog.

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To create a new product on Kaufland, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to Kaufland > Configuration > Settings > Main. Select the Magento Attribute where the valid EAN (European Article Number) is stored.

2) Ensure you have set up your M2E Kaufland Listing. If you haven't, the guide will help you out.

3) Add your Magento products to your M2E Kaufland Listing using this guide.

4) The system will automatically check if your product matches any existing item in the Kaufland catalog based on the EAN information.

5) If no matching product is found, you'll be prompted to confirm the creation of a new Kaufland product. Simply click Continue and then Yes in the pop-up window.

6) Select the appropriate Kaufland category for your product. Once categorized, click List Added Products Now to submit your new products to the Kaufland marketplace.

Technical changelog

  • [Added] Create new products on Kaufland Marketplace [#5839]
  • [Fixed] 'Installation Wizard is completed' message [#5995]
  • [Improved] Kaufland listing wizard [#5951]