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M2E Kaufland Version - 1.1.0


Create units for the existing products on Kaufland

This version enables you to upload your Magento products to Kaufland by connecting them with existing Kaufland products.

Before you begin listing products, navigate to Kaufland > Configuration > Settings. Select the Magento Attribute where the valid EAN (European Article Number) is stored. This step is crucial as Kaufland uses the EAN information to match your product with the correct item in its catalog.

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After that, create your M2E Kaufland Listing and add your Magento Products to it. The extension automatically searches for a matching existing product on Kaufland. Your product will be listed under the existing page when a match is found.

Technical changelog

  • [Added] Create units for the existing products on Kaufland [#5652]
  • [Added] Filter Unmanaged Items by Kaufland storefront [#5753]
  • [Fixed] Automatic linking of Kaufland and Magento products [#5763]
  • [Fixed] Contact Us page UI improvements [#5729]