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When selling vehicle details on eBay, you can take advantage of the Parts Compatibility feature. It allows listing parts and accessories in relation to compatible vehicles. eBay Parts Compatibility helps drive your sales and simplifies the search process for buyers needing specific parts.

eBay Product ID or ePID is one of the types of vehicle numbers that you can use to specify Parts Compatibility information for your M2E Pro Listings on eBay Motors, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Australia marketplaces.

Follow the instructions below to add ePIDs of compatible vehicles to your Products in M2E Pro.

Step 1. Update the Marketplaces

Get the most up-to-date Parts Compatibility list by updating eBay Marketplaces. To do it, go to eBay Integration > Configuration > Marketplaces and click Update Now or Update All Now for all marketplaces at once:

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Step 2. Set up a Compatibility Attribute

Go to eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings > Parts Compatibility and set up a Compatibility Attribute. You need to select the Magento Attribute containing compatible vehicles' ePID info.

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Step 3. Indicate the Parts Compatibility Mode

Navigate to the M2E Pro Listings grid page (eBay Integration > Listings > Items) and choose the Parts Compatibility Mode via the corresponding action in the individual actions menu:

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In the pop-up window, select the mode and click Save. Make sure to do it for each relevant Listing.

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Step 4. Select compatible vehicles

Open the necessary M2E Pro Listing and switch to the Settings View Mode on top of the Products grid.

Select the Products that you want to add the compatible vehicles to. Use the individual or mass actions menu and submit the Add Compatible Vehicles action.

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A pop-up will appear where you can select compatible vehicles.

Once you select the necessary compatible vehicles or previously saved Filters/Groups, submit the Select action:

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After that, you will see the number of selected compatible vehicles.

Click Add/Override to add the selected compatible vehicles to your Products in M2E Pro Listing:

  • Add - the selected ePIDs will be added to the list of items within the Attribute.
  • Override - the selected ePIDs will override the existing ones.
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Step 5. View added compatible vehicles

The Parts Compatibility information you’ve indicated will appear in the M2E Pro Listing grid in Settings View Mode. Click on the corresponding number in the Compatibility column to view the list of ePIDs added to that product.

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That’s it! Once you list or revise the item, the provided Parts Compatibility information will become available on eBay.