Stop Action

    Define the conditions when M2E Pro should stop listings on eBay.

    If all of the conditions are set to No / No Action, M2E Pro won't stop your listings. Otherwise, at least one condition should be met to automatically Stop eBay Item.

    Stop Conditions

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    Stop When Status Disabled

    Choose yes to automatically stop an eBay listing if the item’s Magento status is changed to 'Disabled'.

    Stop When Out Of Stock

    Choose Yes to automatically stop an eBay listing if the Magento Product stock availability is changed to 'Out of Stock'.

    Stop When Calculated Quantity Is

    Automatically stops an item on eBay if quantity is changed and it meets the selected condition.

    • Less or Equal: Stop items automatically if the quantity set in Selling Policy is at less or equal to the number you set.

    Advanced Conditions

    If you would like to add your own custom Stop Rules, you can enable the Advanced Conditions.

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    The first rule appears by default: If ALL these Conditions are TRUE. It specifies whether the rules that you define must all be met or if any of them can be met (AND or OR) in order to trigger the rule's action.

    • Click the + icon to display a selection field and select the necessary option under Product Attributes from the drop-down menu.
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    • Click on the is link to display the comparison operator drop-down list and choose one of them.
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    • Click on the three dots to display the value field and input the value.
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    That's all, the Rules are configured. Your Item will be automatically stopped on eBay once at least one condition (from both Stop and Advanced sections) is met.