Unit Price

If you are a Business Seller and offering your Products on eBay European Marketplaces, most likely you have already heard about the EU Directive 98/6/EC on consumer protection in the indication of the prices of products offered to consumers. In accordance with it, the Business Sellers are required to specify the Unit Price while they are offering specific goods for Buyers.

A Unit Price is the Item price per particular unit of measurement (e.g. kg, L, m2, etc.). It should be mandatorily applied to the Listings with Fixed price, containing the Items which are sold based on their weight/volume.

M2E Pro supports this feature, so you can easily suit the eBay requirements. In order to do this, you need to specify the appropriate Item Specifics: Unit Quantity and Unit Type.

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Unit Quantity - allows specifying the weight/volume of the Item you are offering regarding the basic unit of measurement for this type of goods (e.g. litre, kilogramme, meter, square/cubic meter etc.).

For example, if the basic unit of measurement for your Item is 1kg and you want to sell it by 500g parts, you need to specify the Unit Quantity as 0,5; if the weight of your Item is 50g, Unit Quantity should be indicated as 0,05 and so on.

You are able to provide the Unit Quantity using the Custom Value or Custom Attribute.

Unit Type - allows specifying the particular type of unit measurement using the eBay Recommended values list or value from selected Magento Attribute. It may be a liter (L), kilogram (kg), meter (m/m2/m3) etc.

Once you List the Item, the Unit Price will be automatically calculated as your Buy It Now Price divided on Unit Quantity value and displayed under the Product Price.

For example, the basic unit of measurement for the chosen type of goods is 1kg, the actual weight of the Item is 50g. Thus, the Unit Type will be specified as kg, and the Unit Quantity as 0,05 (50g = 0,05kg).

The Buy It Now Price is 4,99 GBP, so the Unit Price will be 99,8 GBP (4,99 GBP/0,05).

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