M2E Pro Version - 1.9.5


Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Improved] Dynamic behavior compatibility in Magento 2.4. and 2.3.
  • Common: [Fixed] "TypeError: Cannot read property 'readAttribute' of undefined js/Marketplace.js:100" occurs when trying to update a Marketplace via Update Now button under eBay/Amazon/Walmart > Configuration > Marketplaces (v2.4)
  • Common: [Fixed] Remove button does not work for Promotions and Override Mode in Walmart Selling Policy and for Shipping Methods in eBay Shipping Policy if second field was added (v2.4)
  • eBay: [Fixed] International Shipping Services are not shown in eBay Shipping policy (v2.3 & v2.4)
  • eBay: [Fixed] Incorrect view of Weight field in eBay Shipping Policy (v2.4)
  • eBay: [Fixed] Error Invalid block type: Ess\M2ePro\Block\Adminhtml\Ebay\Grid\Column\Renderer\ViewLogIcon\Listing when trying to assign Products to Stores in eBay Listing
  • Amazon: [Fixed] New tab is opened when trying to redirect to Amazon during Account creation process (v2.4)
  • Walmart: [Fixed] "SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'querySelector' on 'Document': '#shipping_override_rule_service_%i%' is not a valid selector." occurs when Selling Policy is opened (v2.4)
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Locale, Action, Mode, Cost fields disappear after adding new Override (v2.4)