M2E Pro Version - 1.7.0


Common changes

Check System Requirements

Under eBay/Amazon/Walmart > Health Status > Developers Area > System Requirements block you can now test Memory Limit and Max Execution Time to control System work effectiveness.

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3rd Party Reset

Now, you will be able to Reset items from your 3rd party Listings. It will take some time to import them anew depending on your inventory size.

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Order Reimport

M2E Pro provides automatic order synchronization as basic functionality. Starting from this version, you can also use manual order import. Read when this option can be helpful and how to set it up in this article.

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Updated Synchronization Logs

Now you will be able to see logs about System errors if any occur.

Mass actions for Clear Logs and Delete Listings in Listings grid

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Removed features

In order to improve synchronization processes, we removed several options from the Synchronization Policy.

Magento QTY and QTY MODE BETWEEN options will no longer be available in Synch Rules. The options, when set contradicting the Calculated QTY option, could cause issues with Amazon and Walmart throttling as well as eBay request limitations. Now, you can set a single QTY option that will ensure synchronization processes are uninterrupted.

We also removed Conditional Revise for Price. Based on our customers' experience the option has been proven to be ineffective for sale strategies.

eBay Integration

Improved eBay Categories management

In this version, we advanced eBay Category settings. Under eBay > Configuration > Categories, you can view and manage all the categories used in your M2E Pro Listings.

Item Specifics can now be edited in a single default template per each category. Also, here you can review products assigned to a particular category, customize their specifics, or quickly move selected products to a different category. More details in this article.

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Changes in Magento Static Blocks used in the custom description can be tracked now

Starting from the current version, M2E Pro tracks the changes of Magento Static Blocks which are used in Custom Description. Enable the Description option in Revise Rules of your Synchronization Policy to initiate the automatic Item Revise every time the related Static Block is modified.

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