M2E Pro Version - 1.6.0


Common changes

Important enhancements to Synchronization

With this Module version, we introduced major changes to the synchronization process:

  • Updated Revise Conditions allows automatically syncing the primary product properties like Quantity, Price, Images, etc. M2E Pro tracks the changes made to product property in both Policy Template and Magento Attribute you specified. For example, after you enable Revise by Price, M2E Pro will track all the changes made to Price settings in Selling Policy and to Price value in Magento Attribute.
  • M2E Pro now schedules all the product updates and processes them based on their priority. It optimizes a load on servers and increases overall processing speed. When the Sync Rules are met, automatic action is scheduled. You will see the Action is Scheduled label next to a Listing Product. Based on the action priority, Items that need to be Stopped will be processed first, then other product updates will be submitted to the Channel. You can monitor which action is being applied to your products via the Action in Progress label.
  • If an item List action fails due to the incorrect product data, M2E Pro will automatically retry to List this item once the necessary changes are made.
  • To speed up an item Relist, M2E Pro submits only two product properties - its Quantity and Price. It allows reviving your Channel Listings rapidly.
  • Items moved from the 3rd Party Listing or another M2E Pro Listing will be automatically Revised based on your Sync Rules.

Changes in UI behavior when adding products to M2E Pro Listing

Starting from this version, you need to assign a Channel category to at least one product when adding Magento Products to M2E Pro Listing. Until then, you cannot proceed to the following step.

In eBay and Walmart integrations, Magento Products must be associated with a Channel category before you list them on eBay/Walmart.

Please check the particular cases at when eBay/Walmart Category should be specified:

  • When you add Magento Products to M2E Pro Listing manually. Magento Products with no eBay/Walmart Category assigned will not be added to the Listing.
  • When you move the 3rd Party Items to M2E Pro Listing. After you map the 3rd Party Item to Magento Product and select M2E Pro Listing, you will be redirected to the Set eBay/Walmart Category page. Select the most suitable category and provide the Item Specifics to complete the Item moving.
  • When you add Magento Products to M2E Pro Listing using Auto Add/Remove Rules. After you select the level at which M2E Pro should monitor the Product adding/removing, you will be redirected to the 3-step wizard including the Set eBay Category and Item Specific steps. Complete all the steps to save your Rule

In Amazon integration, if you are going to list a new ASIN, you should set a Description Policy to at least one product to proceed. Yet, the rest products with no ASIN assigned or without Description Policy will still be added to Listing. You can assign ASIN/Description Policy for the Listing Products later.

Ability to add custom notes in Order

Add the comments to your Channel sales via the Custom Notes tool on the Order Details page. M2E Pro will transfer all your notes to the corresponding Magento order and keep them updated in accordance with your edits.

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Mass creation of Magento orders

Now you can create Magento orders for multiple Channel orders at once. Under eBay/Amazon/Walmart > Sales > Orders, filter your orders out by No Magento Order Created option, then apply Create Magento Order action from the Actions menu.

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Mapped 3rd Party Items can now be filtered out

Managing the 3rd Party Items has become more convenient. A new filter option Mapped lets you filter out the already mapped items to quickly proceed with their moving to M2E Pro Listing.

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New Magmi Tool plug-in version

A new plug-in version for the Magmi Import Tool is released. It's compatible with M2E Pro v1.5.0 and above. You can download the latest plugin version here.

All attributes are available in MagentoAttribute dropdowns

Now Magento Attribute dropdowns will show all attributes, not only the common ones for all Attribute Sets.

eBay Integration

Support for eBay Guaranteed Delivery

From this version, M2E Pro starts supporting the eBay Guaranteed Delivery feature. Read the details here.

Support for eBay International Returns Policy

M2E Pro supports updated eBay Return Policy. From this version, you can set up separate return options for the international sales that differ from your domestic return policy.

eBay Lot Size functionality

Now M2E Pro supports the eBay Lot Size feature. eBay provides sellers with an ability to sell items in lots. The lot is a set of two or more identical or similar items that must be purchased together. Selling in lots can be helpful, for example, when your goods more likely will be sold in bulk than individually or when you need to quickly move your stock.

You can find it under eBay > Configurations > Policies > Selling Policy. To set it up you need to choose Custom Value in Specify Lot Size field and then enter a number of items in Lot.

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GTC Listings Duration

Since eBay moved to Good til’ canceled format only, M2E Pro will also offer only GTC Listing Duration for Fixed Price Listing type. Your fixed-price listings will renew automatically every 30 days until the items sell out or you end the listings.

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Updated Magento Order Creation Rules

You can now automatically create Magento orders based on two eBay order statuses - when checkout is completed and the payment is received.

  • Checkout Is Completed – use the option to create Magento order after a buyer complete checkout on eBay.
  • Payment Is Received – use the option to create Magento order only after a buyer complete checkout and make a payment on eBay.

New eBay Orders IDs

eBay changes its order number format. Updated order IDs will appear for all eBay orders placed after April 1st. The new format will also be applied to the existing orders if any changes are made after the update. This Module version supports the old and new eBay order number format for backward compatibility.

Changes of Magento Static Blocks used in the custom description can be tracked

Starting from the current version, M2E Pro tracks the changes of Magento Static Blocks which are used in Custom Description. Enable the Description option in Revise Rules of your Synchronization Policy to initiate the automatic Item revise every time the related Static Block is modified.

Amazon Integration

Using Magento Order number as Your Seller Order ID

From this Module version, you can attach Magento order number to the corresponding order on Amazon.

To do it, navigate to Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Account Configuration > Orders > Magento Order Number, switch to Yes the Use as Your Seller Order ID option.

After Magento order is created, its number will be automatically submitted to the Channel order as Your Seller Order ID. In M2E Pro, you will see the relevant message next to the Magento order number in Channel order details.

Enhanced Multivariational product Revise

We improved the data Revise process so now all the changes in both Parent and Child products will be detected and Revised by M2E Pro.

Fulfillment ID for each Order item

M2E Pro will now import Fulfillment Center IDs for each Order item. You'll be able to see the IDs in Order details.

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Auto moving of 3rd party items

M2E Pro stops supporting the automatic moving starting from the current version. Now, you can move the 3rd party Items only manually from the 3rd Party Listings grid.

Support for Amazon Business on France, Spain, and Italy Marketplaces

M2E Pro starts supporting Business features on Amazon France, Spain, and Italy Marketplaces. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Automatic Invoice/Credit Memo uploading

M2E Pro automates invoice uploading for all orders managed across Amazon European Marketplaces (UK, DE, ES, IT, FR). Once an Invoice is created for Magento order, it will be automatically uploaded for the corresponding order on Amazon. The feature also applies to order Credit Memos. Read how to set the feature in this article.

Amazon Netherlands Marketplace is now available

We added one more Marketplace for Amazon – Netherlands (NL). Broad your sales with M2E Pro.

Sales Tax is shown in Amazon Order details now

From this Module version, the tax applied to the purchased product can be reviewed on the Order details page.

Walmart Integration

Details option to Revise Rules

Set the Details option to "Yes" in Revise Rules if you want data to be automatically revised on Walmart Listing(s) when changes are made to the Magento Attributes related to Image, Description, or Selling Settings.

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