M2E Pro Version - 1.42.0


Common changes

Stay informed about item issues on eBay & Amazon

M2E Pro makes sure that you never miss any urgent issues. This version introduces a dedicated section on your dashboard displaying the top five errors that require your attention.

Quickly identify and prioritize the most critical issues affecting your eBay or Amazon items and take immediate action. Get an understanding of the scale of impact with the information on the number and percentage of the affected items.

Simply click on an error from the list, and you’ll be instantly redirected to a grid with a detailed overview of the affected items.

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Amazon Integration

Effortlessly manage Amazon Items with errors

In M2E Pro v1.39.0, we improved the interface for Amazon Listings, consolidating all Amazon items into one convenient space. M2E Pro 1.42.0 provides an even better experience. The new version includes a new tab in the Amazon Listing grid, giving you complete visibility over any errors that may occur during product management.

With the ‘Items by Issue’ tab, you can quickly identify which Amazon products have encountered issues in M2E Pro. The clear grid format enables a full understanding of the issue and how many products are affected.

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This improvement ensures you have complete control over all of your Amazon products and can easily see which ones require your attention.

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Technical changelog

  • eBay: [Added] Ability to apply synchronization actions to the products in the ‘All Items’ tab [#4761]
  • eBay: [Added] Ability to view the percentage of affected items in the ‘Items by Issue’ tab [#4848]
  • eBay: [Added] Top 5 issues displayed on Dashboard [#4895]
  • eBay: [Improved] Dashboard improvements [#4842]
  • eBay [Fixed] Issues from another channel are displayed in the ‘Items by Issue’ tab [#4934]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Error “Deprecated Functionality: DateTime::__construct(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($datetime) of type string is deprecated in …/m2epro/magento2-extension/Model/Cron/Task/Ebay/Channel/SynchronizeChanges/ItemsProcessor.php on line 320” [#4893]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Issues with running a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 [#4905]
  • Amazon: [Added] Hint about using keywords in marketplace-specific language to simplify the search for Product Types [#4914]
  • Amazon: [Added] ‘Items by issue’ tab to the Amazon Listing grid [#4851]
  • Amazon: [Added] Logs about the synchronization of price changes between M2E Pro and M2E Repricer [#4416]
  • Amazon: [Added] Top 5 issues displayed on Dashboard [#4936]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Incorrect Product Type assigned to the product listed via Auto Add Rules [#4884]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] “Undefined carrier title” error when trying to ship an order [#4877]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Issues faced during migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 [#4905]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in …/Block/Widget/Grid/Column/Renderer/Number.php on line 32 when trying to edit ASIN/ISBN settings in M2E Pro Listing [#4925]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Ability to upload Magento invoices [#4835]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Ability to view previously configured Product Types in the ‘Search Product Type’ pop-up [#4788]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Product Type functionality improvements [#4903]
  • Amazon: [Improved] UI improvements on the ‘Search Existing Amazon Products’ page [#4926]
  • Walmart [Improved] Process of Item status update to 'Incomplete' status [#4876]