M2E Pro Version - 1.34.0


Amazon Integration

Access to Repricer Settings through a Selling Policy

With the ability to access Repricer settings directly from the Selling Policy, you can now make Price adjustments for the Repricer more quickly and conveniently. If you are already working on updates to your Selling Policy, just scroll down to the Repricer block from where you will be taken to the Repricer settings of your Amazon account

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If none of your Amazon accounts are connected to the Repricer yet, you can have it configured now not leaving the Selling Policy

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Ability to enable Tax rate value rounding in orders

For many businesses, having a non-decimal Tax rate value displayed in orders may be vital. Yet, Magento sellers often notice that under certain conditions order price calculation may result in a tax rate showing as a decimal number.

M2E Pro users who experience difficulty managing decimal values of tax rates in their Amazon orders can now choose to have the numbers rounded off.

Having the option ‘Tax Rate Rounding’ in Amazon > Accounts > Orders > Order Tax Settings set to ‘Yes’ will ensure that all the rate values with decimals will be converted to the nearest non-decimal value. For example, 7.63% is going to be rounded up to 8%, while 8.4% will become 8.

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As rounding off tax rates with decimals can lead to price calculation inaccuracies, it may cause discrepancies in the final price. So before enabling the option, it’s important to consider requirements for price calculation accuracy and whether the difference between the rounded and the original tax rate is acceptable for your business.

Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Incorrect work of Product ID filter when switching between View Modes in a Listing [#4172]
  • Common [Improved] Special character replacement in Buyer’s First and Last Name to comply with Magento validation rules [#4413]
  • Common: [Improved] Knowledge Base links update [#4301]
  • Common: [Improved] Validation for state and region values in shipping address [#3996]
  • eBay: [Improved] Allow adding up to 24 pictures for eBay item [#4330]
  • Amazon [Added] Repricer block to Selling Policy [#4341]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Update of Regular Price on Repricer when it’s set to ‘According to Selling Policy’[#4459]
  • Amazon [Fixed] Error ‘Package Weight is not defined or empty’ in Amazon Shipping Services [#4266]
  • Amazon [Improved] Algorithm of a buyer email generation if one is missing in a channel order [#4391]
  • Amazon [Improved] Ability to enable Tax rate value rounding in orders [#4309]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Message when no Amazon accounts are connected to Repricer [#4365]