M2E Pro Version - 1.30.0


Amazon Integration

Track Amazon-invoiced orders in the Orders grid

Amazon has recently introduced an “Invoice by Amazon“ label for order items bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU). As usual, M2E Pro strives to keep up with the changes.

Starting from this version, such Amazon-invoiced orders will be marked with a special label so that you can track them down right in M2E Pro Orders grid.

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The “Invoice by Amazon“ info will also be displayed:

  • on the Order Details page
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  • in the Shipping & Handling information section of a corresponding Magento order
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Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Argument 1 passed to Ess\M2ePro\Plugin\Menu\Magento\Backend\Model\Menu\Config::processWizard() when trying to enable/disable Channel integrations [#3002]
  • Amazon: [Added] "Invoice by Amazon" label to Amazon orders [#3802]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] External change from "Inactive" to "Active" occurring constantly for Amazon products [#4069]
  • Walmart: [Added] Notification about the new marketplace build release [#3725]
  • Walmart: [Improved] Ability to acknowledge only “Created“ Walmart orders [#3725]