M2E Pro Version - 1.18.0


Common changes

Prevent item duplicates in the Listings when using Auto Add/Remove Rules

In this version, we made sure the Magento product won't be auto-added to the M2E Pro Listing if it's present in another Listing of the same Channel account and Marketplace. This way you can use M2E Pro Auto Rules with no chance items will be listed multiple times and get duplicated on the Channel.

eBay Integration

Optimized import of Unmanaged Listings

Previously, when you allowed the import of Unmanaged Listings for the eBay Account, M2E Pro downloaded all eBay items created for the last 4 years.

To optimize and speed up the process, M2E Pro will now import only Active eBay items regardless of the creation date.

Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Auto Add/Remove Rules for Categories level gets deleted after being edited [#3071]
  • Common: [Fixed] Unable to create Magento order. Reason: Full name must consist of at least firstname and lastname [#3113]
  • Common: [Improved] Prevent item duplicates in the Listings when using Auto Add/Remove Rules [#7]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Incorrect data when changing the Type of Domestic/International Shipping in the Shipping Policy [#3095]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Flat Shipping Package type is submitted incorrectly to eBay [#3047]
  • eBay: [Improved] Process of importing Unmanaged Items to M2E Pro [#2967]
  • eBay: [Improved] Hint for Import Unmanaged Listings option in Account Settings [#3110]
  • eBay: [Improved] Some UI texts changes [#1004]
  • Amazon: [Added] Log if Child Product was not created due to Parent and Child Magento Attribute values mismatch [#3035]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] The ‘VAT Rate’ field is displayed incorrectly during a new Selling Policy creation [#2624]
  • Amazon: [Improved] Some UI texts changes [#1004]
  • Walmart: [Added] Log if item status was successfully changed from ‘Inactive (Blocked)’ on Сhannel [#1188]