M2E Pro Version - 1.17.0


Common changes

Create Customer Names with prefixes and suffixes

From now on, M2E Pro supports the prefix and suffix part of the Customer Name. You can set values that go before the name (Mr., Mrs., etc.) and after it (Jr., Sr., etc.) in Magento under Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > Name and Adress Options.

Once done, new Customer Names will be displayed appropriately in M2E Pro.

eBay Integration

Improved VAT Rate settings in Selling Policy

In this version, we have added a separate option that determines whether the VAT rate should be applied to your items or not. Find it under eBay Integration > Configuration > Policies > Selling Policy > Taxation.

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By enabling the Add VAT Rate option, you can indicate the relevant VAT rate (%) in a corresponding field. If you do not want to send any VAT rate values when listing items on eBay, keep this option disabled.

To ensure flexible VAT management, M2E Pro now offers the ability to provide a VAT rate of 0%. Simply set the Add VAT Rate option to "Yes" and enter "0" in the VAT Rate (%) field. The VAT rate of 0% will be submitted to eBay.

Also, the Add VAT Percentage option has been renamed to "Add VAT% on top of Price" for better clarity. The same as before, you can use this option to add a VAT rate on top of the item price or keep it included in the price.

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Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Added] Compatibility with prefixes and suffixes of customer names in Magento [#2443]
  • Common: [Improved] Error log appears if the Product was not listed due to the contradicting Quantity settings in Selling Policy [#1091]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Additional Specifics are not deleted after clicking the Remove button on the Edit Category tab [#2629]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Message is not displayed once the Category has been saved [#1247]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Product is relisted too fast prior to the order's import to M2E Pro [#2419]
  • eBay: [Improved] VAT Rate settings in Selling Policy [#1205]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Changes are not saved in the "Condition Note Value" field when editing Selling Settings [#1243]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Internal Server Error when trying to save Selling Settings [#3038]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Repricing Tool tab is displayed in Account settings for the unsupported Marketplaces [#1152]
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Endless revise of Product Details [#3013]
  • Walmart: [Improved] Additional Attributes hints in Description Policy [#2472]
  • Walmart: [Improved] Text of the successful Revise Promotion log [#3045]
  • Walmart: [Improved] Revise/Relist actions are not skipped despite invalid Promotions in Selling Policy [#2957]