M2E Pro Version - 1.10.0


    Common changes

    3rd Party functionality is renamed to Unmanaged

    With this release, we have revised the “3rd Party Listings” functionality and introduced the concept of Unmanaged Listings on all three integrations.

    New options for advanced conditions of Synchronization Policy

    Starting with this version, you can set up advanced conditions for 'is empty' or 'is not empty' options when adding Synchronization Policy (eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration > Configuration > Policies).

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    Selling Policy optimization

    For your convenience,  we replaced the Single Item option for specifying items quantity in the Selling Policy with the Custom Value option set to 1.

    Automatic Magento orders creation for City-states

    Previously, orders you got from City-states did not imply enough information for automatic Magento order creation due to Magento peculiarities. From now on, M2E Pro will detect City-states orders and supplement them with the necessary details for automatic Magento order creation.

    Invoices & Shipments tab is added to Account Settings

    For eBay and Walmart integrations, we moved the settings for Magento invoices and shipments creation to Invoices & Shipments tab. Similar to Amazon integration, you can find this tab under eBay / Walmart Integration> Configuration > Accounts.

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    eBay Integration

    Improvements in Unmanaged (former 3rd Party) Listings functionality [Beta]

    From now on, there is no need to assign eBay categories to products when moving items from Unmanaged Listings to M2E Pro Listing. Products will be imported to M2E Pro along with the eBay category. Categories earlier configured in M2E Pro will automatically use the default set of Item Specifics. Whereas for newly added categories Item Specifics should be additionally indicated.

    For your convenience, M2E Pro will download the appropriate categories for your existing Unmanaged products. You can easily view them right in the Listing grid.

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    Item becomes hidden on the Channel after being deleted from Magento

    Earlier, products removed from the Magento catalog were stopped on eBay. After this upgrade, you can delete Magento products without losing their selling history on the Channel. Simply keep the Out of stock control option enabled in your eBay Site Preferences so products deleted from Magento obtain the Listed (Hidden) status.

    Include or exclude eVTN from eBay orders

    Recently eBay started applying eVTN to orders shipped by specific carriers. We made sure you can decide whether to use eVTN or not. To include or exclude eVTN from Magento orders, go to eBay Integration> Configuration > Accounts > Invoices & Shipments > Shipments.

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    In-Store pickup for eBay Germany and Canada

    We expanded the range of eBay marketplaces that offer In-Store pickup, now Canada and Germany are on the list. You can add these countries under eBay Integration > Configuration > Accounts > In-Store Pickup.

    Shipping Rate Tables are available for eBay Italy, Canada, and Canada (FR)

    Our team made Domestic and International Shipping Rate Tables available for sellers on eBay Italy, Canada, and Canada (FR). Navigate to eBay Integration > Configuration > Policies > Shipping Policy to set eBay Shipping Rate Tables.

    eBay Listing creation and management is simplified

    We improved the way your eBay Listings are created and managed in M2E Pro. Now the creation of eBay Listing takes just 2 steps, instead of 4.

    Also, for the sake of convenience, your Custom Settings preferences were transformed into new Policy templates and assigned to Listings. You can locate them under eBay Integration> Configuration > Policies. Your new Policies` titles are identical to the Listings they are assigned to.

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    Billing Address Usage option

    Since eBay does not provide your buyers` billing details in full, M2E Pro uses their shipping address information as the billing one. After this upgrade, you can decide when your customer`s shipping and billing addresses should coincide - Always or only in cases when Buyer & Recipient have the same name. Go to eBay Integration> Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Customer Settings to opt for the suitable variant.

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    Collect and Remit taxes

    We also added an opportunity to keep track of the taxes eBay collects for your orders. Find the new Collect and Remit taxes field in the eBay Integration> Sales > Orders > Select Order > Transaction Item(s).

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    Amazon Integration

    VCS Invoices upload feature

    In the updated Invoices & Shipments tab (Amazon Integration> Configuration > Accounts), there is now a new option for setting up automatic invoice uploading to Amazon. These settings are only available to merchants who sell on Amazon European marketplaces (UK, DE, IT, FR, ES). You can set invoices uploading to Amazon in two ways — automatically upload Magento Invoice once it is created for the Magento order or use VAT Calculation Service.

    For the latter option, you need to be eligible for VAT Calculation Service. Then, Amazon will calculate the VAT amount based on your VAT calculation settings. Additionally, you can choose who will generate invoices - Amazon or M2E Pro (VAT Invoice Creation). For more details, please read this article.

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    Shipping policy is assigned to the entire Listing

    We also enhanced the process of Amazon Listing creation. Now, Shipping Policy for your products can be configured in Selling Settings and applied to all items in the Listing. Nevertheless, if you specify the shipping settings for some products individually, they will override the Listing`s ones.

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    Walmart Integration

    Custom shipping carriers for Walmart US and Canada

    Our new version allows Walmart US and Canada sellers to ship their orders using custom carriers. You can set up custom carriers in Walmart Integration > Configuration > Accounts >  Invoices & Shipments >  Shipments. To add a shipping carrier, you need to enter its title and website URL into the corresponding boxes. This way, your customer can follow their purchase on the carrier`s website by the tracking number included in the order. For more information, please check out this article.

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    Technical Changelog

    • Common: [Improved] Refactor create/edit Listing
    • Common: [Improved] Add 'is empty', 'is not empty' options to Advanced Conditions of Synchronization Policy
    • Common: [Improved] Error message "Server IP is not defined" in some cases
    • Common: [Improved] MSI mode - default values in Synchronization Policy
    • Common: [Improved] Automatic Magento order creation for City-states
    • Common: [Improved] Empty array is returned if unserialization error occurs
    • Common: [Improved] Remove ‘Single Item’ option for QTY in Selling Policy
    • Common: [Fixed] Sell on Another Marketplace feature does not work if more than 100 items are selected
    • Common: [Fixed] Fatal error occurs when performing actions with the product deleted from Magento
    • Common: [Fixed] DomainException ‘Missed phrase in Block/Adminhtml/Magento/Form/Element/Boolean.php:22’ when running bin/magento i18n:collect-phrases
    • eBay: [Improved] Import eBay categories for Unmanaged products
    • eBay: [Improved] Billing address usage
    • eBay: [Improved] Ability to skip eVTN in eBay orders
    • eBay: [Improved] Add In-Store pickup for Germany and Canada marketplaces
    • eBay: [Improved] eBay categories are preselected for items moved from Unmanaged Listing
    • eBay: [Improved] Hide item on the Channel if ‘Out of stock control’ is enabled and the product is removed from Magento
    • eBay: [Improved] Add Shipping Rate Tables for Italy, Canada, and Canada (FR) marketplaces
    • eBay: [Improved] Add 'Collect and Remit taxes' field to eBay order details
    • eBay: [Improved] 'Use Description From eBay Catalog' field is changed to 'Use eBay catalog Item data' in Description Policy
    • eBay: [Improved] Newly added Magento customers are validated by eBay User ID
    • eBay: [Improved] Add 'Invoices & Shipments' tab to Account Settings
    • eBay [Improved] Manufacturer Refurbished condition is changed to Certified Refurbished (Condition 2000)
    • eBay: [Fixed] Canada is displayed twice in the ‘Country’ drop-down when adding a new Store
    • eBay: [Fixed] Exception "Please correct the country code: ." occurs when clicking on the ‘Add Store’ button
    • eBay: [Fixed] Unable to get Sell API Details Token for eBay account
    • eBay: [Fixed] Confirmation pop-up is not shown when Sell on another Marketplace functionality is used for one eBay Account
    • eBay: [Fixed] 'Select Attribute' value is impossible to be saved for two and more of Parts Compatibility blocks
    • eBay: [Fixed] Error with no text is shown when trying to save two or more same Parts Compatibility attributes
    • eBay: [Fixed] JS error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'update' of null js/eBay/Listing/Create/General.js:162" occurs when adding new listing
    • eBay: [Fixed] Notice: ‘Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in .../M2ePro/Model/eBay/Template/Shipping.php’ occurs when adding Shipping Policy
    • eBay: [Fixed] Redirect to eBay Sandbox does not work after clicking on the Item ID link in the Listing grid
    • eBay: [Removed] Custom settings for eBay Listings
    • eBay: [Removed] Highlight from eBay Description Policy
    • Amazon: [Improved] Allow 'Multi-select' attribute type for selection as a keyword
    • Amazon: [Improved] Disable the Invoice Uploading functionality (Netherlands)
    • Amazon: [Improved] Ability to assign Shipping Policy in Listing Settings
    • Amazon: [Improved] Display more than 60 characters for Title when adding product to the Listing
    • Amazon: [Fixed] Sending VAT invoices does not work
    • Amazon: [Fixed] No empty row in Shipping Policy drop-down in the Selling Settings of Amazon listing
    • Amazon: [Fixed] Confirmation pop-up is not shown when Sell on another Marketplace functionality is used for one Amazon account
    • Amazon: [Fixed] 'Magento Invoice Creation' option is not saved if 'Invoice Uploading to Amazon' is selected as 'Use VAT Calculation Service' in Account Configuration
    • Amazon: [Added] Ability to send SwitchFulfillmentTo in Inventory Feed
    • Amazon: [Added] Upload VCS Invoices/Credit Memos to Amazon
    • Walmart: [Improved] Error message about order missing tracking number is changed to notice message
    • Walmart: [Improved] Add 'Invoices & Shipments' tab to Account Settings
    • Walmart: [Added] Custom shipping carriers for US and Canada marketplaces