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M2E Amazon MCF User Guide

The M2E Amazon MCF extension is a specialized tool designed for Magento sellers who offer their products across multiple marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon FBA. This solution uses Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) service, allowing sellers to take advantage of Amazon's advanced fulfillment network to ship eBay orders seamlessly.

With M2E Amazon MCF, you can efficiently manage your inventory, automate order fulfillment from various platforms, and ensure quick and reliable delivery to your customers. The extension simplifies logistics and reduces operational costs, providing an efficient and dependable order fulfillment process within your eCommerce ecosystem.

Basic Requirements

Before you start using M2E Amazon MCF, make sure to meet a few key requirements:

  • Multi-Channel Integration: Enable integration with another Channel, i.e., eBay, in M2E Pro.

Functionality overview


The dashboard provides a summary of MCF Inventory and Orders. The breakdown of Items shows the number of those available and enabled for MCF per your connected Amazon seller account. Use the dashboard to track which products are set up for MCF and ready for fulfillment through Amazon’s network.

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The Orders section outlines the numbers of MCF orders that have or have not yet been shipped:

  • Orders Shipped Today: A summary of all orders successfully fulfilled and shipped by MCF today.
  • Unshipped Orders: Number of orders that have not yet been shipped, including pending deliveries.
  • All Shipped Orders: Total number of orders shipped by Amazon MCF.
  • Total: The overall number of MCF orders.

The dashboard is designed to provide a clear, at-a-glance overview of your MCF data. Using buttons at the top of the page, you can switch to a detailed overview of MCF products and orders, including their logs.

Items Grid

This page provides a detailed list of products available in the Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center that are either already enabled or can be enabled for MCF.

You can view a reference to a Magento product with a link to the corresponding product catalog, product SKUs, inventory levels, and logs for each product.

The Status column indicates whether each product is currently enabled or disabled for MCF. To change the MCF status for selected products, use the Actions button right above the grid.

Orders Grid

This page provides a detailed overview of MCF orders created for sales from eBay and other channels. It is a vital tool for managing and tracking Channel orders fulfilled through Amazon's advanced fulfillment network.

The Orders grid provides the following information:

  • Magento Order Reference: Link to the corresponding order in Magento for easy cross-referencing.
  • Ordered Items Info: Comprehensive information about the items included in each order.
  • Order Status: The current status of each MCF order to help you monitor the progress of your fulfillment operations.
  • Logs Access: Access to detailed logs, a historical record of the fulfillment process, status changes, and any relevant updates.

The Status column indicates whether each order has been shipped, is still pending fulfillment, or was skipped due to an inability to process its updates.

M2E MCF Workflow

The workflow of MCF orders is designed to ensure a seamless and efficient fulfillment process:

  1. When an item is ordered on eBay, the order is automatically created in Magento.
  1. M2E Pro checks the records to determine if the product is sold through Amazon FBA and has available FBA stock.
  1. If these conditions are met, an MCF order is created.

This automated process ensures that eBay orders are promptly fulfilled using Amazon's advanced fulfillment network, reducing manual intervention and enhancing the overall efficiency of your eCommerce operations.

Use the Orders grid to track MCF order updates from the Amazon API, get real-time visibility into your orders' status, and stay informed throughout the fulfillment process. This feature allows you to monitor order progress and handle any issues promptly.